Why Join in the cooperative?

Want to make a difference and join a cooperative effort to buy the best coffee in the world, and be part of a community of passionate coffee-lovers learning, buying and drinking together? There are so many ways to become a member, and enjoy benefits at our academies run by profilers who receive in-house training from the KVCC. Cover your coffee consumption for the next 3/6 months, help secure your share of the finest coffee in the world while helping the hard-working people who get it to you everyday - Here’s how it works:


This type of membership is for those who regularly come into KVCC Academies, or are aware of when they will be coming past at anytime. If you want to make sure we’ve got the good stuff when you come in, tell us your minimum coffee consumption in cups over the next couple months, buy ahead with the other members, and let us help you set your mind right.

  • At our academy, we’ve worked out that we typically get 60 cups out of 1KG of our blend – this means we can equate whatever your minimum cup intake over a period of time (3/6 months in this case) is to the retail price of 1KG of our blend ($40) which then added up becomes an appropriate amount to directly contribute to the purchasing, and roasting costs associated with our source of raw coffee.

  • For example, say you as an individual anticipate coming into the KVCC Academy for two long blacks, 6 days a week at the least (not including any extra coffees bought on any day, any bags of coffee bought, or any days you don’t come in) and you wish to cover yourself for 3 months; 144 cups over 3 months = 2.5KG of roasted coffee = $80 (2KG) + $20 (500g) = $100 contribution to the KVCC + reduced price on coffee and all membership benefits (explained below).

  • What we’re encouraging is for you to settle into a routine, start becoming more aware about your coffee, and making it more than just a trip to a café to get your fix – actively contribute to make it the finest part of your day and plan your life around that first cup; while at the same time directly making a difference for the hardworking people involved in the process to get high-end coffee into the cup everyday of the week.


This membership is for those who want to pre-order bags of coffee, secured for us to roast, pack and deliver to them on schedule over their membership period. This is the best way to get the highest-grade coffee from the original growing regions of the world, roasted by KVCC Profilers who handle these coffees everyday, and offer roasting training to anyone, anytime.

  • Plan out precisely how much coffee you’ll want over your membership period and prepay by the KG - you’ll receive your scheduled bags at the 25% membership discount, and we’ll make sure we have it ready and sent to you on time, with no delivery fee for memberships totalling above $200. (Plus all membership benefits explained below)

Whether you drink 3 cups a day, work your way through 250g a week, run a café, need some bags for the office or anything in between, we’re here for you; and a little bit of planning goes a long way. Do yourself a favour and guarantee yourself the freshest beans, roasted however you’d like, with full guidance and demonstrations on how to master the brew, all the way through.


  • 25% membership discount on cups of coffee at KVCC Academies
  • 25% membership discount on any bags of coffee purchased
  • Advanced brewmaster online course (covering the most important aspects of multiple brewing methods – gain integrated knowledge right away)
  • 24/7 assistance on your coffee, bag or cup – let us know how you like it roasted, brewed, or served; plus full access to our academies, so come pull a shot!
  • Advanced espresso course included in your membership (Academy course price - $150) – full day course showing you every aspect of the espresso bar, so you can gain a strong base on mastering espresso service.

Please contact us to organise a 3 month, or 6 month membership.