Roasting Academy

It is our aim to empower each and every coffee drinker and café owner, with the skills and knowledge required to roast coffee and understand the potential of each bean. With our group classes or tailored one on one sessions, we will teach you the art of roasting and support you on your journey from roaster selection through to retail store setup. Utilising our years of industry relationships we will introduce you to trusted suppliers and support you on your journey.

Stage 1: “Roaster Operator”

  • Learning how to operate roasting machinery - most roasters; gas or electrical are prone to accidents. Understand how NOT to burn the roastery down while at the same time learning about the different qualities of raw coffee. Grading systems, washing processes and coffee purchasing are all covered over this time.
  • Introduction to 20+ years of industry knowledge including profiles (aka recipes) and how to mindfully approach every roast with something other than time constraints and profits clouding your ability to roast the beans to their full potential - you’re only as good as your last roast!

Stage 2 + 3: “Distinguished Roaster Operator” and “Profiler”

  • Continuing to develop your own profiles based on your taste and requirements for the coffee in your life to achieve consistency and full flavour.
  • Start to gain an understanding of, and apply knowledge on different growing regions, brew methods, and industry trends in speciality coffee (new technologies, maintenance, special varieties).

  • These are the true “get out what you put in” periods of your experience. We believe coffee roasting has to go hand in hand with running the espresso bar - which is why each academy is built with a model in mind that encourages roasting on a small roaster, in a modest locale with an emphasis on being open everyday - and having no more than 2 people running the shop at a time. What this does is teach you, the apprentice, not only how to roast to perfection but how to actually brew/serve the coffee, be a passionate salesperson, and eventually evolve to run the Academy you learn in with all the responsibilities of any café manager, head barista, roasting house, or educational academy.

Being a profiler will be the ultimate position for anyone wanting to get into the wide world of coffee, because it means that you aren’t just revered for latté art, your coffee stock, or your story with the farmers. In the spirit of hard work, identity, independence - you’re not limiting yourself to one single aspect of coffee, you know how to engineer the cup of coffee with the most body, flavour, aroma for anyone that comes your way, anytime. That’s worth everything today.

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